What is water ski doubles?

DoublesAdagio doubles is one of the more specialized acts which Badgerland performs. A male skier wears a harness attaching a rope to his waist, and with his free hands he is able to maneuver a girl over his head into different aerials and poses. DoublesIndividual practice time is essential for this act because the two skiers need to build trust and confidence in each other. Doubles allows for much creativity in originating new moves and passes which means the possibilities and difficulty of tricks is unlimited. It is also an act which brings individual competitions in winter dry land tournaments as well as the state and national tournaments on water. Doubles is definitely one of waterskiing’s more challenging and graceful performances which you can see at a Badgerland waterski show.


DoublesThe two most basic doubles moves are the seat press and the side step. To do a seat press the girl sits on the guys right shoulder placing her left foot in the guys left hand which is propped up on his chest. On the count of three the girl stands up on the guys chest bringing her free right leg in to her knee, and the guy drives her up by her seat with his right arm. The side step, which is the next most basic doubles move, is set up with the girl sitting on the guys shoulders extending her left arm and leg directly in front of her and bending her right leg into the guys chest which he holds with his left hand. The guy then places his right hand on the girls right hip and on the count of three the girl stands and turns sideways to the crowd bending at the hip across the guys now straightened right arm. Both moves are regularly performed in a Badgerland waterski show by almost all of the skiers either on the water or for land routine introductions.


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