What is water ski jumping?

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Imagine yourself on two skis, each six feet long, skimming across the water at 35 miles per hour. Down the course is your objective, a five and one half foot high ramp coming at you like a wall on the water. The closer you get, the larger and more menacing it looks. Your heart beats faster, the sounds you hear are the roar of the boat engine, the shouts of the crowd and then everything disappears as you concentrate on your handle, skis and the jump ahead. As you draw closer, you pull in on the rope, wrapping it around your waist. At the last second, you make a small cut to your left just as you hit the wall. Up the slick ramp you go. At the top you release the taut rope, letting it unwind. It propels you in a spinning motion. The horizon spins by at a frightening speed. As you see the boat in front of you, your grip tightens on the handle pulling you into a forward position. With a hard slap of the water and jar to the body you land to the cheers of the crowd, having just completed a 360° helicopter spin off the water ski jump. In water ski jumping many different tricks are performed. From helicopters to double crisscrosses under other jumpers – all jumps look spectacular. Recently, jumping has been pushed to all new levels of difficulty with front flips, back gainers, and even jumps called “hangman” and “widow maker” that defy description. A lot of practice time is put into the act by the jump team. Each different jump has its own element of danger, but each is practiced many times to ensure safety. Jumping is always exciting and we hope you enjoy watching this thrilling act.

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