What is a water ski pyramid?


For a pyramid to be solid on the water, each person must be confident of their position, practicing it on dry land. This requires plenty of spotters to ensure the safety of the climbers. Begin by attaching the ropes to a sturdy pole or tree. The first tier ropes must be of the same length, the second tier a little bit longer and the third tier rope has a braid so the climber can adjust its length. The members of Badgerland utilize a three step climb which is quick and easy. The first objective is to get the third tier girl on the shoulders of the middle guy. We call this move a totem. The third tier girl stands to the right of the middle guy and gives him her right foot which he holds firmly and tucks to his hip. Holding her rope tightly with her right hand and grabbing the guy’s left shoulder, the girl can holster herself up to his shoulders. It’s best if she can get right to her feet so that she doesn’t have to later. At this point the girl is crouched on the guy’s shoulders with her feet tucked in towards his neck to leave enough room for the outside girls to climb. The two outside girls both place a hand on the middle guy’s neck and hold the rope in their other hand. Then they give their outside foot to the two outside guys who hold it firmly and tuck it to their hips. Holding the rope tightly, they can lift their inside foot all the way to the middle guy’s shoulder, replacing their hand with their foot. Now the girls can switch the rope to their other hand and place their free hand on the outside guy’s shoulder. Again holding the rope tightly, they can take the final step to the outside guy’s shoulder. The second tier is now in place, so the girls need to help the third tier girl up to her feet. The third tier girl performs the same three step climb on the second tier girls and the pyramid is complete.

Once the pyramid is built, all the girls need to lock out, squeeze their backside muscles, pull their hips forward, and keep their backs straight and centered. These techniques distribute the weight evenly on the guys and help to make the pyramid solid. The pyramid comes down in the same way it goes up, only the third tier girl skips the first step and goes straight down to the guy’s shoulder. All the girls must maneuver themselves slowly down the front of the guy’s until they are standing safely on the guy’s skis. After the third tier pyramid is mastered, larger and more complex pyramids can be built.

Pyramid 4-2-4 Pyramid 4 Pyramid 5-high