What is water ski trios?

TriosThe act of trios, like all other show skiing acts involves trust and confidence among each of the skiers involved. This particular act involves two skiers pulled by a rope around their waist, carrying a date between their shoulders. TriosThe act looks best when the date is taller and has long legs – so the lines are beautiful and long. Some common trios lifts include a front layout as a beginning lift; and a barbell or rope handstand for more advanced moves. The most challenging move would be the rope handstand. The date is inverted with her legs straight up in the air and her hands resting on the skiers handles. Like many show skiing acts, it is not necessarily the difficulty of the move that gets scored high by the judges, but the grace with which the lift is done. A front layout scores just as high if the move is done simult a neous l y by all trios groups behind a single boat. This, along with grace, and the music on shore combine together to give an exciting and beautiful trios act.

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