Motor Sales

The Badgerland Waterski Show Team sells all of its engines at the end of each ski season. These machines receive the very best in care and maintenance. If you are interested in purchasing any of these engines, please contact any ski team member or email us.


Quantity Horsepower Color Model # Shaft Size Prop Rotation Price
1 300hp - G2 *, ** E300XCUAG 25" *** Counter $15,000
2 300hp - G2 *, ** E300XUAG 25" *** Standard $14,750
1 225HO - G2 *, ** E225XCHAG 25" *** Counter $13,750
1 0 225HO - G2 *, ** E225XHAG 25" *** Standard $13,500
3 0 150hp Graphite E150DGLAB 20" Standard $8,750
2 150hp White E150DPXAB 25" Standard $9,000
1 115hp Graphite E115DGLAF 20" Standard $7,900

* G2 motors do not come with colored panels, you will need to purchase the panels kit in the color of your choice.  Panels are required to run motors.
** To order the required colored panel kit browse to, select 300 or 225HO and then pick your colors, click Done, then Download PDF for your custom panel part #
*** G2 motors can change length much easier than previous models.  You'll need 2 parts to reduce the 25" to a 20" shaft: 0357068 (Upper Driveshaft - 20") & 0355472 (Muffler Adapter - 20")

Motors will be available the first week of October. Motors can be picked up or you can arrange for a transit company to pick up the motors from our location after payment is confirmed.

Motors come with remainder of five year factory warranty which began in April 2016.

Motors do not come with prop or controls. Rigging is not included.